XDR: Enterprise-Scale Detection and Response

XDR: Enterprise-Scale Detection and Response

Palo Alto Networks
Published by: Research Desk Released: Jun 24, 2020

Don’t Limit Yourself to the Endpoint

XDR is a new category of threat detection and response technology that can stitch together data from previously siloed data sources. The “X” in XDR indicates the ability to incorporate actionable data from anywhere: endpoints, networks, clouds – even third parties.

By applying advanced machine learning and analytics, this new breed of security technology identifies threats and benign events with superior accuracy and gives analysts contextualized information, simplifying and accelerating their investigations.

In other words, XDR saves teams time and cuts through the noise of false positives. As the future of detection and response, the right XDR technology is a critical component of your modern security toolkit.

Read this e-book, XDR: Enterprise-Scale Detection and Response, to understand:

  • Challenges with current detection and response tools
  • Tactical use cases for improving security operations with XDR
  • Criteria for evaluating XDR solutions
  • The key requirements of XDR

See the threats that matter with XDR.