Whitepaper: Protecting Developer Environments with VM-Series on AWS

Whitepaper: Protecting Developer Environments with VM-Series on AWS

Paloalto Networks
Published by: Research Desk Released: Jun 28, 2019


Moving to Amazon® Web Services enables many organizations to adopt a more agile application development process. However, to stay agile, developers utilize web-based executables, how-to guides and workbooks from places like GitHub®, YUM, Apt-Get and more. Unfortunately, attackers can use these same resources to inject malware into innocent, unsuspecting networks.

Adopting security beyond the native cloud security used to protect developer environments can get pushback from your development team, who may see it as adding unnecessary delays to their development cycles through manual, standardized change controls, killing any advantages of automation. Add automation to your security, though, and you can create a touchless deployment that’ll never delay development again.

The ideal approach protects developer environments and corporate data while operating at the speed of the cloud. With Palo Alto Networks® VM-Series virtualized next-generation firewalls, you can take a two-phased, automated approach to securing your environments on AWS®, allowing you to:

  • Scale to protect multiple virtual private clouds by implementing a transit architecture
  • Control all web resource access through URL Filtering and App-ID™ technology
  • Automate policy updates and actions to accelerate threat response

In our white paper “Protecting Developer Environments with the VM-Series on AWS,” you’ll find an outline of how security teams can take advantage of automation to embed security in the application development lifecycle.