What Is The Compliance Landscape Looking Like In Europe? A Deeper Dive

What Is The Compliance Landscape Looking Like In Europe? A Deeper Dive

Published by: Research Desk Released: Nov 04, 2022

As cybersecurity and IT landscapes continue to expand, keeping up with increasingly stringent data privacy and compliance regulations can be a major challenge – particularly in Europe.

Among the hurdles cybersecurity and IT leaders need to overcome is the often confusing information surrounding the myriad decisions they need to make on their journey to compliance maturity. From exactly which new technologies to adopt, to which strategies enable both flexibility AND security, building the right roadmap to compliance success can be a complex and fraught journey.

In this webinar, Jack Poller, Senior Analyst at ESG and Ian Lowe, Head of Industry Solutions at Okta are here to help. Together, they’ll be diving deeper into the European compliance landscape and will be sharing essential insights and considerations for success.

Join them to learn: –

  • What the European compliance environment looks like today and how it’s changed over the last few years
  • How automation is impacting the delivery of compliance initiatives
  • Why it’s essential that a compliance strategy supports the distributed workforce
  • Why cloud is a ‘safe space’ and forms a central component of every compliance roadmap
  • How to protect sensitive networks and the data they contain
  • The industries most impacted by compliance regulations and which technologies have been instrumental in enabling them to develop robust

compliance policies