The State of Developer-Driven Security Survey

The State of Developer-Driven Security Survey

Secure Code Warrior
Published by: Research Desk Released: Apr 19, 2022

Many organizations are still employing traditional software development methodologies while navigating an ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity risks and demands.

For the 2nd year, Secure Code Warrior has commissioned research with Evans Data Corp to survey 1,200 developers globally to understand the skills, perceptions, and behaviors when it comes to secure coding practices, and their impact and perceived relevancy in the SDLC.

This survey will bring you insights into:

  • Developer priorities when writing code
  • Opinions and perceptions of secure code
  • Current secure coding practices
  • Recognized benefits of secure coding practices
  • And much more!

The Challenges and Opportunities to Improve Software Security

The increasingly complicated threat landscape is challenging organizations of all sizes to improve the security of their software and applications. One opportunity is to integrate security throughout the entire software development process.

Movements are underway to shift more security responsibilities to earlier in the process of software development, with the ultimate goal of being able to write secure code that is free from vulnerabilities or potential exploitation right from the start.

This whitepaper outlines the common efforts evolving in the developer community to help drive these much-needed changes.