The Cybersecurity Career Pursuers Study

The Cybersecurity Career Pursuers Study

Published by: Research Desk Released: May 12, 2021

Building a strong cybersecurity team is a big challenge for any organization. Talent is scarce. The current workforce gap is estimated at 3.1 million worldwide. But many organizations continue to repeat the mistakes of focusing their time and energy on hunting down and competing for a select few cybersecurity ‘All Stars’ instead of strategically developing their teams at all skill levels to create a sustainable, long-term investment in their security personnel.

The 2021 Cybersecurity Career Pursuers Study provides insights on how to successfully staff up a balanced and diverse cybersecurity team with a broad range of skills. The research reflects the opinions of 2,034 cybersecurity professionals (professionals) and cybersecurity jobseekers (pursuers) throughout the U.S. and Canada. Findings help hiring organizations understand the experiences of those who have done the job and the expectations of those who are about to enter the field.

Stop chasing ‘All Stars’ for short-term gain and develop your team for years of success.

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