The 6 Business and Security Benefits of Zero Trust

The 6 Business and Security Benefits of Zero Trust

Akamai Technologies
Published by: Research Desk Released: Jul 25, 2019

Zero Trust Delivers 6 Security and Business Benefits
Employees, devices, and applications are no longer locked away inside the corporate perimeter. They’re on the web and on the go. Providing security for a new breed of anytime, anywhere workers and cloud-based applications requires a novel approach: a zero trust security model.

Assuming that every user, request, and server is untrusted until proven otherwise, a zero trust solution dynamically and continually assesses trust every time a user or device requests access to a resource. But zero trust offers more than a line of defense.

The model’s security benefits deliver considerable business value, too. Read this white paper to learn more about:

-Protecting your customers’ data
-Decreasing the time to breach detection
-Gaining visibility into your enterprise traffic
-Reducing the complexity of your security stack
-Solving the security skills shortage
-Optimizing the end-user experience
-Facilitating the move to the cloud