Stop Using Passwords

Stop Using Passwords

One Identity
Published by: Research Desk Released: Aug 08, 2023

The majority of the data captured were users’ credentials, in the form of email addresses and passwords, which will only lead to more breaches. In fact, according to Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report, at least 80% of the breaches this year were because of lost or stolen credentials and brute force attacks.

Imagine a world where you are granted access to systems and resources not just based on remembering a secret phrase or some other convoluted jumble of characters and numbers. Instead, what if there was a world where access to your data and resources is based on something you have (smartcard) or something that you are (fingerprint). This was once the future, but we at OneLogin are here to tell you THIS IS THE NOW. We can live in a passwordless world.

In this ebook we will explore:

  • The History of Passwords and Authentication
  • The Problem with Passwords
  • The Definition of Passwordless Authentication
  • Examine the Benefits and Drawbacks of:

○ Password Authentication

○ Multi-Factor Authentication

○ Passwordless Authentication

○ Adaptive Authentication