Risk of Not Managing Identity Infographic

Risk of Not Managing Identity Infographic

Published by: Research Desk Released: Apr 28, 2020

In today’s digital world, businesses run on secrets. Not Just trade secrets, but credentials, application secrets, and secret keys that unlock access to – and control over – some of the most valuable technical systems in your business. Protecting those secrets is crucial to preventing malicious attackers – internal or external – from stealing intellectual property, injecting software with malicious code, compromising personal data, and ultimately damaging your business.

As your business grows, so too does the number of people who need to use and manage those secrets. And of course, the day-to-day demands faced by sys admins, developers, DevOps engineers, and others can sometimes tip the scales in favor of convenience over burdensome security. They find ways to share secrets (often insecurely) so they and their teams can work quickly. Even if they don’t intend to expose the company to risk, thoughtless handling of secrets can have devastating effects.

Deliver a Passwordless Experience for Employees Infographic

Passwords continue to cause significant risks and frustrations, and you’ve probably wondered if there’s a more secure and easier way to authenticate your employees.  What if you could eliminate passwords from your employee’s login experience all together? With the LastPass business suite, you can.

Today we are excited to introduce several new ways for employees to simply and securely access all their work without having to enter a password: Workstation Login, Offline Mode and an expanded portfolio of federated identity providers.

With this launch, LastPass removes the password from the employee login creating a passwordless experience, all while securing every single password in use through enterprise password management. Passwordless authentication with LastPass enables employees to authenticate into their work using biometrics and integrations without having to manually type a password, all while it maintains complete Visibility and control over every access point. By removing the password from the employee experience, both password-related risks and frustrations are eliminated

  • Passwordless Authentication on Every Device
  • Enable Anytime, Anywhere Passwordless Access
  • An Expanded Portfolio of Federated Identity Providers

Go Passwordless

Passwordless authentication can help your organization achieve increased productivity amongst employees, reduced IT costs by eliminating password related risks. and stronger security by securing every access point with more secure forms of authentication

Learn more about how LastPass delivers a passwordless experience for employees.