Endpoint Protection Buyers Guide

Endpoint Protection Buyers Guide

Published by: Research Desk Released: Sep 09, 2019

Endpoint security is one of the most critical components of a cybersecurity strategy. The 2018 SANS Endpoint Security Survey Report found that more than 80 percent of known breaches involved an endpoint. Unfortunately, for those responsible for protecting their organizations’ endpoints, it has never been more challenging to select the best solution for the job. With hundreds of options on the market and features that sound identical, choosing an endpoint protection solution is anything but straightforward.

CrowdStrike® recommends that a comprehensive and efficient endpoint protection solution should include five key elements. The objectives below can be used as guidelines when evaluating and choosing an endpoint protection platform.

■ Prevention to keep out as many malicious elements as possible

■ Detection to find and remove attackers

■ Managed threat hunting to elevate detection beyond automation

■ Threat intelligence integration to understand and stay ahead of attackers

■ IT hygiene and vulnerability assessment to prepare and strengthen the environment against threats and attacks