Embedded Application Security y-Word (EASy)

Embedded Application Security y-Word (EASy)

Published by: Research Desk Released: May 19, 2023

Application security is hard. It’s hard to find security experts for your team, and once you get them it’s hard to keep them. There are so many commercial and open source tools available, how do you choose which one(s) to use? When you do decide, how do you configure them, schedule them, and run them? When they run they produce hundreds, even thousands of results with SO MANY false positives. How are you supposed to find the true vulnerabilities within that noise and get them quickly in front of your development team? How do you fix those vulnerabilities?

Why do you always have to go to an external tool outside of your team’s normal workflow? Do these problems sound familiar?

EASY (Embedded Application Security y-word). Yes, that’s “y-word”.

We like to have fun too! We not only have the experts, we ARE the experts in application security. Our entire team has development experience; we know software and applications. And we really like security. We routinely train people and teams around the world in application security, and can bring our expertise to YOUR team.