Elements of Security Operations E-Book

Elements of Security Operations E-Book

Published by: Research Desk Released: Apr 21, 2020

Every SecOps professional wants fewer alerts, more efficient tools and faster containment. In today’s security operations centers, alerts are overflowing as attackers deftly change their tactics.

Where do you start? In his foreword, Marc Benoit, chief information security officer at Palo Alto Networks, says:

“Whether you have a full 24×7 manned SOC or a part-time resource that reviews security logs, the elements described in this book apply to you. We need to shift our view from how analysts use the tools in the SOC for detection and response to a larger view of how the security organization serves the business, and how the business serves it.”

Elements of Security Operations details the building blocks of simpler, more effective security operations, drawing from the real-world experiences of industry experts to help you build capabilities that deserve your confidence. You’ll learn how you can:

  • Simplify operations by integrating and consolidating tools
  • Automate repetitive tasks to better use your analyst talent
  • Consistently enforce policy across networks, clouds and endpoints
  • Rapidly respond to threats with deep visibility and contextual insight

Read the e-book today, and get your elements in order.