eBook: Business Case for Cloud Threat Defense

eBook: Business Case for Cloud Threat Defense

Paloalto Networks
Published by: Research Desk Released: Jun 28, 2019

Cloud threat defense: Benefits, costs, issues and risks

Now that your organization is adopting public cloud, securing this adaptive environment is a top priority. That leaves you with an important question: how do you secure it? Do you repurpose traditional data center security tools, piece one together, or use the tools and services from your cloud platform provider?

Realistically, none of these options will adequately address common and pressing cloud security challenges. To enable and benefit from effective cloud defense, you need continuous cloud-native security analytics, compliance monitoring, reporting and advanced threat detection across your environment.

Get your copy of “The Business Case for Cloud Threat Defense” to learn how Prisma™ Public Cloud (formerly RedLock) provides security and compliance that simplifies common challenges in securing public cloud environments, including:

  • Providing security governance and increased cross-team visibility
  • Generating compliance reports that provide audit trails for cloud resources
  • Reducing labor requirements and the financial risks of breaches and third-party tools

Learn how your organization can save substantial time, money and resources while maintaining compliance and a strong security posture.