Delivering a Passwordless Experience for Employees

Delivering a Passwordless Experience for Employees

Published by: Research Desk Released: Apr 28, 2020

Passwords continue to cause significant risks and frustrations, and you’ve probably wondered if there’s a more secure and easier way to authenticate your employees. What if you could eliminate passwords from your employee’s login experience all together? With the LastPass business suite, you can.

Today we are excited to introduce several new ways for employees to simply and securely access all their work without having to enter a password: Workstation Login, Offline Mode and an expanded portfolio of federated identity providers.

With this launch, LastPass removes the password from the employee login creating a passwordless experience, all while securing every single password in use through enterprise password management. Passwordless authentication with LastPass enables employees to authenticate into their work using biometrics and integrations without having to manually type a password, all while IT maintains complete visibility and control over every access point. By removing the password from the employee experience, both password-related risks and frustrations are eliminated.

Passwordless Authentication on Every Device

Workstation Login securely authenticates employees into their workstation without the need to type in their workstation password. As opposed to typing a username and password, Workstation Login authenticates employees into their workstations using the secure biometric technology of LastPass MFA. Employees authenticate on the LastPass MFA mobile app using biometrics, such as fingerprint or face, and are then logged into their workstation.

Workstation Login allows IT teams to enforce strong, complex password requirements for employee workstations to increase security, and employees will never need to type out the complex password as they authenticate with biometrics. Workstation Login gives IT the security they need, and employees the passwordless experience they want.

Workstation Login is now available in LastPass MFA and LastPass Identity packages.

Enable Anytime, Anywhere Passwordless Access

With Workstation Login comes the release of Offline Mode, which enables employees to securely authenticate with the LastPass MFA no matter where they are – traveling, without internet or in the office. Offline Mode allows employees to authenticate even if they are without internet, which ensures security, productivity and a passwordless employee experience from everywhere.

Offline Mode is now available in LastPass MFA and LastPass Identity packages.

An Expanded Portfolio of Federated Identity Providers

When it comes to improving security without impacting your user experience, a seamless login experience without the frustration of a password is key. Federation securely connects an identity provider a service provider, so that the password of the service provider is eliminated.

LastPass offers a passwordless employee experience, regardless of identity provider. Today we also announced availability for federation with both Azure AD and Okta identity providers. Organizations who are using Azure AD or Okta as their identity provider, in addition to Active Directory, can now integrate with LastPass for automated user provisioning and deprovisioning and the elimination of the LastPass Master Password – a passwordless login experience for employees.

Federated identity is now available in LastPass Enterprise and LastPass Identity packages.

Go Passwordless

Passwordless authentication can help your organization achieve increased productivity amongst employees, reduced IT costs by eliminating password related risks, and stronger security by securing every access point with more secure forms of authentication.

Learn more about how LastPass delivers a passwordless experience for employees. If you’re new to LastPass for business, get started with a free LastPass Identity trial today.