Cloud PKI: A Better Fit for Banking

Cloud PKI: A Better Fit for Banking

HID Global
Published by: Research Desk Released: Jun 30, 2022

Protecting Data on an Enterprise Network

The need for enterprise-wide encryption has never been more urgent — especially in industries like financial services,Fit for Banking which not only handle people’s most intimate data but are the target of relentless cyber attacks.

In this landscape, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) has emerged as the gold standard for securing information across
enterprise networks — and a critical piece of cybersecurity infrastructure. Deploying PKI enables companies to robustly encrypt all data and verify access rights for users, servers, applications and devices. It also helps firms comply with regulations like the White House Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity Infrastructure, which calls on organizations to encrypt data “to the maximum extent consistent with Federal records laws and other applicable laws.”

By the end of this paper, you will have a clearer idea of what each type of service can provide, and why PKIaaS is likely to be your better choice.

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