Case Study: Nuffield Health secures 142  locations

Case Study: Nuffield Health secures 142 locations

Published by: Research Desk Released: Jun 30, 2020

The Nuffield Health IT team was about to undertake a number of projects to improve productivity, efficiency, and patient services, while enhancing the user experience in its corporate office, hospitals, and gyms. These projects included a migration to Microsoft Office 365. Nuffield Health discovered that 60 percent of its traffic was already destined for the internet rather than its data centers, and that percentage would increase considerably once Office 365 was deployed.

With traffic going direct to the internet and not going through a data center, security becomes a major concern. Given the number of sites that Nuffield Health is responsible for and with the amount of traffic it expected to be destined for the internet, a cloud security solution made the most sense.

With Zscaler, Nuffield Health gained:

  • Improved user experience
  • Intelligent local internet breakouts
  • Protect patient data
  • Seamless integration and proactive support