Carlsberg Taps Zscaler For Securing Its Digital Transformation

Carlsberg Taps Zscaler For Securing Its Digital Transformation

Published by: Research Desk Released: Sep 23, 2019

The Carlsberg Beer Group defines its purpose as “Brewing for a better today and tomorrow.” Over the past few years, Carlsberg has undergone a company-wide transformation with the aim of moving closer to that purpose.

To deliver on this purpose from an IT perspective, the Carlsberg IT team needed to undertake a complete system overhaul including:

– Modernizing the IT infrastructure
– Embracing Office 365 and moving legacy applications to the cloud
– Taking control of operational costs
– Strengthening security

The Carlsberg team turned to Zscaler to enable the transformation, and some of the key wins include:

• Successful and secure cloud migration
• Simplified Office 365 deployment with Zscaler one-click configuration
• A better user experience by optimizing Office 365 and internet traffic for better performance and faster connectivity.

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