Better Security And Business Outcomes With Security Performance Management

Better Security And Business Outcomes With Security Performance Management

Published by: Research Desk Released: Oct 30, 2019

In today’s competitive marketplace, security has become a crucial market differentiator. Companies increasingly realize that security is critical to earning customer trust; securing intellectual property; and protecting the brand. The pressure is on chief information security officers (CISOs) to create an effective security program to capture metrics that accurately and objectively measure the program, in order to meet the demands of both customers and Boards of Directors, for efficient investments and transparent reporting.

BitSight commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate how security leaders measure their enterprise’s security performance. Forrester conducted an online survey with 207 security decision makers with responsibility for risk, compliance, and/or communications with boards of directors to explore this topic. We found that C-level leaders are struggling to understand how their security is performing and how to adequately report that performance to the Board and other C-level leadership.

Download the full study, “Better Security And Business Outcomes with Security Performance Management: Mitigating And Generating Revenue With Metrics That Matter” to learn more about Forrester’s key recommendations for building a successful security performance management program.

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of BitSight.