Assessing Threats Outside the Perimeter

Assessing Threats Outside the Perimeter

Published by: Research Desk Released: Oct 26, 2022

Recently CybelAngel CEO, Erwan Keraudy, and CRO Jeff Gore, sat down with Mathew Schwartz, Executive Editor of Data Breach Today to discuss ways for businesses to protect their growing external attack surface.

“Digital cloud technologies have added great flexibility and connectivity to business operations. However, as a result of this integrated ecosystem of employees, partners, and suppliers, the proverbial security perimeter has evaporated.”

Keraudy explains, “For comprehensive threat protection, organizations need full visibility across their external attack surface (EASM) to uncover unknown vulnerabilities such as exposed assets, devices, domains, and data. CybelAngel’s AI-powered search engine has an almost decade-long history of machine learning activity, making it not only the fastest and most thorough EASM solution — but also the most difficult to duplicate. No other can match its power or results.”

In this eBook you will learn:

How to illuminate unknown external attack surface threats.
How to Narrow the mountain of alerts to expose the most critical for action.
Why protecting the external attack surface is no longer just a cyber security concern, but rather a business- critical risk reduction.

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