• KT Corp. telecom company to develop in-flight VR service for Jin Air together with HIST Co. Ltd.
  • Passengers of Jin Air will be benefited from high-tech in-flight VR service.
  • Pico G2 4K VR HMDs headsets will be used to offer 3DoF experience to travelers.
  • KT Super VR expected to lead the B2B business and immersive media industry.

KT Corp. recently declared that it would develop the VR entertainment service for air travelers of Jin Air Co. Ltd. jointly with Hanjin Information Systems and amp; Telecommunication (HIST) Co., Ltd. It is South Korea’s largest telecommunications company. The ‘KT Super VR’ entertainment service will allow air travelers to see immersive media content.

KT Corp. signed a contract with HIST for a modern VR service for air security and other in-flight entertainment (IFE) content onboard, and with Jin Air, South Korea’s only low-cost hauler operator. The telecom company will offer its Super VR, an entertainment platform, to Jin Air travelers, enabling them to gain access to its media content.

“We can enjoy a new experience of entertainment based on VR contents not just at home or places but while traveling by plane,” stated Kang Kook-Hyun, Head of KT’s Business Group. “Like this partnership with Jin Air and HIST, KT will pioneer industrial innovation by developing the best VR entertainment service for air travelers.”

As per the company, by the end of 2020, the latest VR facility will commence with transnational routes majorly utilized by family passengers. Commuters will be able to enjoy VR service provided by Jin Air, by borrowing VR headsets to enjoy the most recent films in ultra-high resolution, as well as watch sport, travel, music videos, and other VR content in 360-degree images.

Travelers will be able to enjoy video content using Pico G2 4K VR HMDs headsets throughout the flight. The Pico G2 4K headsets offer a separate three degrees of freedom (3DoF) experience to users.

Presently, the three companies are together designing the Super VR program related to airplane computer servers. In-flight public announcements will be made using VR technology. Thus, VR assistance will also help during emergency control for safety and convenience.

KT Corp. stated that the partnership had been provoked because of the rise in long and mid-distance domestic flights in which low-cost carriers are looking for in-flight entertainment systems. Further, the company added, the low-cost carrier’s fleets may need enhanced technology; thus, carriers are now anticipated to offer advanced service to passengers with separate VR headsets. “The growing trend of airlines removing seatback IFE screens also helped inspire the new in-flight VR service collaboration.”

KT Corp. is also known to offer its VR entertainment services to its clients, including passenger boats, hotels, cable cars, and express buses. In partnership with Jin Air is KT’s first move toward bringing enhanced media technology and services to airlines.

KT has always been at the forefront for offering immersive media service to property, travel, medicine, leisure, and education sectors, setting the groundwork for B2B partnership, and thus developing the immersive media industry.

Jin Air, a prominent Korean low-cost carrier, has already started working on this by introducing a pilot plan of in-flight VR service. It is also planning to offer in-flight entertainment options via KT’s VR service to passengers on several other routes.

About HIST Co., Ltd.

It is South Korea’s software development firm specializing in the data processing system. The company’s line of business includes manufacturing and distributing data processing systems.

About KT Corp.

KT Corp. is one of the largest telecommunication service providers in Korea. The firm is leading the fourth industrial revolution with high-speed wireless/wired networks and new ICT technology. KT, on April 3, 2019, launched the world’s first nationwide commercial 5G network. The company aspires to be the number one People’s Company and ICT Company.

KT CEO, Hyeon-Mo Ku said, “We will be the fastest and most responsive company that satisfies customers’ wants and needs, pioneer innovative technologies such as AI, Big Data and Cloud, lead transformations in a wide variety of industries, and do our best for the people and the advancement of Korea.”