• The partnership between Verizon and Atos brings numerous opportunities for telcos and IT suppliers at the edge and in private 5G networks.
  • The collaboration will allow Verizon pair its private 5G multi-access edge computing platform with the Atos Computer Vision AI that powers video and image analytics systems.

Verizon Business, a wireless network operator company, and Atos, a leading global provider of integrated information technology services, have joined hands to power intelligent IoT solutions with private 5G multi-access edge computing to businesses, government, and communities worldwide.

The 5G edge solution will allow companies to transform the way they can leverage predictive analytics and, thus, enhance operational efficiency, mitigate risk, and increase revenue. A combination of expertise of the two tech companies will help organizations create immersive digital experiences that fully formulate 5G environments on the edge of their networks, representing the next breakthrough in business value.

The Verizon-Atos solution includes hardware, 5G, application and automation, field services, and service desk support, thus providing an end-to-end architecture. The new solution is cost-effective and will help address scalability and latency issues.

Verizon will execute the Atos Computer Vision platform into their private 5G multi-access edge computing as part of a combined offering for organizations, delivering ready-to-deploy commercial use cases across different industries.

The Atos platform has a major role to play in driving key capabilities in AI-powered video analytics to mission-critical environments. Verizon’s use of Atos’ BullSequana Edge servers will strengthen its 5G edge offers and unlock new use cases, advancements in network security, connectivity, and data management.

Real-time analytics

Both companies present large-scale, cloud, and AI-powered data analytics to help businesses operate more efficiently. In one of the use cases, the platform can successfully analyze 180 billion data points every hour. This system allows the engineers and operators to track exactly when and where operation downtime is predicted, up to 30 days in advance.

Furthermore, critical measurements and trends will lead to increased operational efficiency and eliminate failure points over time. These insights can originate from a localized part of the system and be utilized across the globe.

Experts’ view

Tami Erwin, CEO, Verizon Business, said, “This new, joint solution will provide enterprise customers with an unprecedented level of insight into their operations, and we’re excited about the prospect of building on our existing partnership with Atos. We know the future will be built on our leading 5G network, and today’s announcement is another example of how our products and solutions are having a genuine impact on business efficiency and revenue today.”

Jean-Philippe Poirault, Head of Telecom, Media and Technology, Atos, said, “We are proud to combine our uniquely positioned digital transformations in telecommunications and edge computing with Verizon Business’ reliable, high performance 5G networks to revolutionize the way people live, work and play.”