Siemens has planned to build its MindSphere industrial IoT Software on IBM’s hybrid cloud platform, including Red Hat OpenShift.

The collaboration entitles IBM forging a partnership in critical industries and how Red Hat OpenShift is used as its architectural pillar.

According to the partnership, Siemens Digital Industries Software will be built on IBM’s hybrid cloud architecture, and MindSphere will be made available on-premise for customers. MindSphere is now used on-premise in factories and plants as well as via the cloud.

Built on IBM’s hybrid cloud, MindSphere is now readily available. The companies have also expressed about offering managed service efforts in the future. In a blog post, Siemens said that the IBM partnership has helped build its edge computing footprint.

Along with the hybrid cloud integration, IBM’s army of consultants will be preferred partners for IoT implementations and managed services for MindSphere customers.

Siemens and IBM have come together to offer IBM Maximo in industrial settings.