• The companies aim to provide a full end-to-end solution to their clients to help them drive their digital transformation at the edge of the workforce with speed and efficiency.
  • Librestream’s capabilities include remote expert assistance, digital work instructions, and centralized knowledge preservation.

Future Technologies Venture, LLC, “Future Technologies,” a Lead System Integrator focused on vertical market solutions, and Librestream, the top-rated technology platform for industrial workforce collaboration, have joined hands to implement Librestream’s Onsight solution for Future Technologies’ clients.

Future Technologies focuses on solving their end clients’ digital transformation problems through innovation across connectivity, compute (cloud, edge, hybrid, MEC), Automation, and advanced use case solutions. With the help of a proven six-step customer engagement approach and IoT 4.0 Innovation Center in Atlanta, GA, Future Technologies helps drive these digital transformation initiatives.

“We are excited to grow this eco-system collaboration with Librestream. By leveraging Librestream’s technical platform and nearly 20 years of experience in this converged space of augmented reality and artificial intelligence, we can provide a full end-to-end solution to our clients to drive their digital transformation at the edge of their workforce with speed and efficiency,” said Peter Cappiello, CEO of Future Technologies. “We see tremendous ongoing and future potential for this solution to solve our industrial customers workforce challenges by providing remote worker capabilities Day 1 and workforce development through the platforms adoption lifecycle.”

Librestream’s Onsight platform allows workforce transformation through industrial use cases, which boosts the future workforce by combining Artificial Intelligence (AI), AR, and Internet of Things (IoT) data visualization. This also enables automated on-the-job training, thus reducing cognitive load and driving operational insights. The platform allows customers to achieve meaningful business outcomes such as 65%-70% increases in asset uptime, 70% productivity gains, and three times increase in the number of inspections each day through an integrated experience that captures and shares knowledge across the workforce.

Librestream’s capabilities include:

  • Remote Expert Assistance

It helps connect with colleagues, customers, and suppliers via live video, audio, and advanced augmented reality tools, including telestration and IoT data overlay. It also improves communication using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and live language translation capabilities. The feature helps automatically detect assets and components using Onsight AI.

  • Digital Work Instructions –

Paper-based procedures can be transformed into digital work instructions and forms that guide workers, automate data capture, and streamline operations. Work instructions are executed efficiently while connected or offline, and data analysis is done to gain immediate operational insights.

  • Centralized Knowledge Preservation –

The feature helps build an integrated knowledge base of data, images, and recordings. These elements get automatically tagged with relevant IoT data using AI computer vision capabilities. Even in the toughest field environment, it can easily share, edit, access, and securely view content.

Specialized Accessories – Onsight supports a wide range of devices that fit into each environment and use case. Its specialized accessories expand to share visuals and information from thermal imaging non-destructive tests and remove visual inspection devices.

“Our collaboration with Future Technologies is exciting for Librestream and for our combined customers. Both companies offer end-to-end solutions that overlay each other perfectly, giving customers a wide range of expertise and solutions for their own connected worker digital transformation journey,” said Librestream VP of North America Sales, Dan Flynn.