• The round of funding was led by Quiet Capital and also includes additional new investors.
  • Edge Delta is radically altering how data is used to generate insights.

Edge Delta, a leading observability platform that analyzes and extracts data insights using distributed stream processing and federated machine learning, announced a USD 63 million Series B round led by Quiet Capital.

“It’s clear that traditional approaches for collecting and analyzing data fall short against the tsunami of data impacting organizations today,” says Ozan Unlu, CEO and Founder of Edge Delta. “As the first and only player in Edge Observability, we enable our customers to harness the tremendous power of enterprise data while generating significant gains in cloud spend and mean time to resolution (MTTR).”

DevOps, SRE, and the security teams must examine massive amounts of data, including logs, metrics, events, and traces, to ensure the health of mission-critical systems. The volume of data is expanding dramatically as these teams incorporate more distributed and containerized sources such as Kubernetes (K8s), Lambda, ECS, and EC2. Enterprises today are faced with high expenditures and productivity limitations due to this data explosion. The old centralized cloud paradigm, where all data is pushed to the cloud for analysis, is no longer viable.

Edge Delta is radically altering how data is used to generate insights. It may be reviewed at the source rather than shifting all data to the cloud, providing access and visibility into 100% of datasets in an automated, proactive, ultra-fast, and scalable approach. As a result, DevOps, SRE, and security teams may automatically recognize system behaviors and stay ahead of emerging hotspots and anomalies, giving them more time to solve problems rather than diagnose them.

“When we deployed Edge Delta, we saw anomalies and useful data immediately,” remarked Justin Head, VP of DevOps at Super League Gaming. “The first week, we actually had an outage, and Edge Delta helped us find the root cause hours faster than we would have.”

Edge Delta will use the funding to push the corporate growth, including recruitment, marketing, and product innovation. However, the CEO did not share details of the product roadmap or the post-money valuation of the company.

“Edge Delta elegantly streamlines companies’ abilities to wield their growing avalanche of data in any form. By providing full data visibility faster and with deeper insights, Edge Delta is becoming the key to unlocking a world of new functionality across security, DevOps, and SRE,” says Morgan Livermore, Partner at Quiet Capital.

The list of other investors who participated in the latest round includes BAM Elevate, Earlybird Digital East, Geodesic Capital, Kin Ventures, ServiceNow, Cisco, Menlo Ventures, MaC Venture Capital and Amity Ventures. It takes the total capital raised by Edge Delta to USD 81 million.