• 2FA (short form for two-factor authentication) has now been introduced by Zoom to improve security for user accounts.
  • The new security update can be enabled from the profile settings.

2FA, or two-factor authentication, is a two-step sign-in routine that heightens the security quotient of the application in which it is executed. The prerequisite for this functionality is a one-time password that is delivered via text message or mobile app accompanied by the sign-in password for that particular app.

The brand-new Zoom update comes with the same 2FA basic feature.

The reason behind

As per a recent update, Zoom, the video communications leader, has updated users about development in their security process with 2FA.

The 2FA is all set to add an additional layer of security as users will now need their phones to sign in to the desktop version, mobile app, or even the Zoom web portal. As per updates, admins can activate 2FA for users, post which users are expected to set up, and use 2FA. In case of loss of access to 2FA, admins will have the authority to reset an existing 2FA setup.

Steps to set up 2FA for admin

  • Primarily, the user is expected to Sign in to the Zoom web portal, and in the navigation menu, click on Advanced Security.
  • Step two calls to enable the Sign in with Two-Factor Authentication option
  • Next, choose the appropriate option that is necessary for 2FA and click save

Steps to reset two-factor authentication for a user


(A current 2FA set can be reset; in case a user has lost access to the 2FA setup. For example, if the user has misplaced  the device, deleted Zoom from the 2FA app, or uninstalled the 2FA app)

  • When a user loses access to the 2FA setup; to reset, it is recommended to sign into the Zoom web portal, access the navigation menu, and click on User Management then Users.
  • Next, select the Edit option (option available next to the user name whose 2FA needs to be reset), and later in the 2FA Authentication section, Reset.
  • Once the above steps are followed, the user in the next login attempt will receive a prompt asking to set up a new 2FA via the web portal.

User guide to set up 2FA (for users)

  • Once the Zoom admin enables the two-factor authentication, the user needs to set up 2FA at the time of signing into the Zoom portal.
  • The next step includes the selection of an authentication app or SMS system as the authentication method.
  • Based on the method selected, users need to follow the steps prescribed for that particular category.

The two-factor authentication configuration process for app

  • Click and open the authentication app on the mobile device.
  • Step two, click on the Scan a QR code option and make use of the QR code scanner to scan the QR code made available on the Zoom web portal. Once done, the app will generate a 6-digit long one-time code. Click next and add the code and then click on verify.
  • Zoom now offers a list of recovery codes. Users can either use any one of them or the 6-digit code to sign in.
  • The list of recover codes can be downloaded. But note, each of these codes come with a one time use validity. Click Done to finish saving them.

The two-factor authentication configuration process for SMS

  • Step one includes the selection of the country code of the phone number. (You will receive the two-factor auth codes on that number)
  • Step two requires the user to click on the send code. Post this, Zoom will share a 6-digit long code on the selected number.
  • Users need to paste that number to the zoom portal and hit verify.
  • On completion of verification, Zoom will display a list of recovery codes that can be used as an alternative to log in to the account.
  • Just like the app, the SMS version also gives an option to save these codes for future use. But each of these codes come with a one-time usage validity.
  • Finally, click Done to finish saving them.