Italy’s competition watchdog has started an investigation into Apple, Dropbox, and Google over their cloud storage services.

There were complaints against Google Drive, Apple iCloud, and Dropbox’s online storage for their unfair commercial practices and violations of consumer rights directive. This competition and market authority has opened a total of six investigations associated with these tech giants. Among all the six cases, it is also looking for “vexatious clauses” in a contract.

The regulators are looking for the fact that either the companies failed to or did not adequately respond to how the user’s data will be collected and used further. The ongoing investigation is also on whether Dropbox is providing reliable and accessible information for users to get out of contracts and pursue out of court dispute settlements.

TechCrunch tried to reach these three companies for comment. However, they did not respond to any such requests.

Parallelly, the European Commission has made a pan-EU push for companies to state their terms and conditions clearly. It led Facebook to agree to plain-worded T and amp;Cs and also making additional tweaks. These amendments will help users better understand how their information will be used. Facebook also clarified how it is making money from the user’s data because of the push by the European Commission.