• Votiro claims that with its new technology, by identifying and addressing data privacy breaches before they happen, it is going above and beyond neutralizing and mitigating file-borne dangers.
  • The enhanced functionalities enable users to adhere to privacy requirements concerning data in transit or utilized in generative AI applications by automatically identifying and addressing incoming file-borne threats.

A zero-trust content security business, Votiro Cybersec Ltd., launched unified platform which integrates real-time cybersecurity for data privacy and threat protection with data detection and response capabilities.

In order to protect sensitive and regulated data inside a company and maintain its privacy and compliance, data detection and response is a cybersecurity strategy that focuses on finding, evaluating, and countering threats to that data. The new platform from the company expands on DDR to safeguard file-level data privacy as it moves across an enterprise.

Votiro posits that with the expansion of data consumption and sharing among organizations, personally identifiable information and sensitive enterprise data frequently traverse inadequately protected channels, such as shadow IT, collaboration tools, cloud storage platforms, and customer-facing portals. This substantially elevates the likelihood of data compromise or exposure and imperils adherence to data privacy regulations. Furthermore, the proliferation of generative artificial intelligence contributes to the situation, as organizations consume enormous volumes of unstructured and unreliable data.

Votiro claims that with its new technology, by identifying and addressing data privacy breaches before they happen, it is going above and beyond neutralizing and mitigating file-borne dangers. It states that businesses may maintain an always-compliant posture and streamline compliance processes with the platform.

Chief Executive Ravi Srinivasan said, “Enterprises must allow safe, unstructured data to flow freely, analyze inbound files and content and adopt generative AI-enabled applications without business disruptions. The convergence of threat protection and data security is critical for enterprises to be able to achieve this.”

By detecting and responding to incoming file-borne threats automatically, the new functionalities guarantee that users adhere to privacy regulations regarding data in transit or utilized in generative AI applications. The analytics in the new platform continue to adhere to the zero-trust principle by providing information regarding when and how files and data are shared.

Additional functionalities of Votiro’s DDR platform encompass the capacity to detect and protect personally identifiable information (PII) and sensitive enterprise data, as well as provide continuous monitoring and alerting of any data-related threats that arise. By identifying both known and unknown threats in incoming content, proactive threat detection and prevention identifies them prior to their arrival at the endpoint and generates a preventative incident response.

Additionally, users have the ability to utilize Votiro’s intelligent disarming feature, which reconfigures the malicious file into a safe, completely functional format after passing it through its sanitization engine. It is safe to open, alter, and save the reconstructed files without concern for malware intrusion.

In addition to true-typing, macro analysis, and actionable insights regarding suspicious file content and external links, the platform provides organizations with accurate, real-time analysis. The analytics provided may encompass a compilation of data such as the employees who transmit and receive the greatest quantity of personally identifiable information, the nature of the privacy information that is compromised, and the employees who are most specifically targeted with malicious files. The service additionally furnishes information regarding the threat actor’s methodology, the most prevalent pernicious file formats, the typical periods during which the organization receives suspicious files, and a breakdown of the paths that PII and files take within the organization.

According to Tracxn, Votiro is a venture capital-backed firm that has raised USD 32.5 million so far, including a USD 11.5 million funding round in March 2023. Redfield Asset Management Ltd., Senetas Corp. Ltd., Divergent Group LLC, and Harvest Lane Asset Management LLC are among the investors.