• Vorlon’s solution proactively manages third-party APIs, monitors data, identifies traffic legitimacy, and quickly resolves issues.
  • Vorlon’s platform aids compliance teams by verifying third-party app regulation adherence and providing proof of compliance to stakeholders.

Recently, a startup specializing in application programming interface (API) security, Vorlon Inc., has secured USD 15.7 million in new funding. This investment will support its mission to assist chief information security officers and their teams in safeguarding third-party APIs.

Established in 2022, Vorlon provides an extensive security platform for third-party APIs that enables organizations to protect the third-party APIs they utilize proactively. With threat intelligence, artificial intelligence-driven detection, and remediation capabilities, the platform is made to manage the attack surface of third-party APIs.

Vorlon points out that as large organizations increasingly depend on third-party applications and services to enhance their efficiency, app-to-app communication now accounts for more than 80% of internet traffic. Consequently, the third-party APIs used by these organizations represent a significant security threat, often because they allow excessively broad access to sensitive data.

Vorlon’s platform is designed to help organizations proactively manage third-party APIs by monitoring datain motion, distinguishing between legitimate and illegitimate traffic, and swiftly addressing issues as they arise. It offers near real-time continuous detection and identification of third-party apps interacting with an enterprise’s data, enabling organizations to clearly understand and assess the risks associated with the third-party apps they use, backed by clear insights and actionable recommendations.

Key functionalities of Vorlon’s platform include providing security teams with the ability to monitor third-party apps, enabling them to detect, investigate, and react to unusual app behavior, data breaches, and security incidents almost instantaneously. Additionally, the platform aids compliance teams by verifying that third-party apps meet regulatory standards and by offering evidence of compliance to stakeholders.

Accel Partners Inc. spearheaded the Series A funding round, joined by Shied Capital LLC and several individual investors. Prominent participants included Demisto Inc. Co-founders Slavik Markovich, Rishi Bhargava, Dan Sarel, and Guy Rinat; D.J. Patil, the former Chief Data Scientist of the U.S.; Nir Polak, an investor and former CEO of Exabeam Inc.; and Paul Cheesborough, the Chief Technology Officer of Fox Corp.

“In many cases, organizations won’t find out about a vendor’s data breach until months after the fact. Vorlon’s ability to reduce the timeline between threat detection and remediation to minutes is what makes this technology so powerful,” Accel partner Steve Loughlin stated in a statement.