• More than 100 questions about subjects as diverse as data encryption and GDPR compliance are frequently included in survey forms.
  • According to Vendict, their artificial intelligence platform can 50X accelerate the task.

Vendict Ltd., a startup venture that assists tech businesses in showcasing their product’s security to customers, turned operational after working in stealth mode for two years.

The Israeli firm announced securing USD 9.5 million in venture capital. Cardumen Capital, Disruptive AI, and NFX have been the leading investors. Besides, YL Ventures’ operating partner Andy Ellis, Tuesday Capital, Cyber Club London, and NewFund Capital also contributed.

A business must ensure that a software product complies with cybersecurity standards before making a purchase. For this purpose, the company’s IT department sends the software developer a questionnaire about security procedures. More than 100 questions about subjects as diverse as data encryption and GDPR compliance are frequently included in survey forms.

Cybersecurity questionnaires can sometimes take weeks to complete due to their intricacy. The longer it takes to generate a questionnaire, the longer it goes for software developers to onboard new users. According to Vendict, its artificial intelligence platform can 50X accelerate the task.

A software developer must provide data detailing its internal cybersecurity practices to use Vendict’s platform. It then automatically creates a knowledge base from the data retrieved. Each entry in the knowledge base includes a query and its response regarding a specific element of the business’s cybersecurity procedures.

Vendict’s AI algorithm uses the data gathered to automatically respond to the customer survey questions that a software company receives. The business claims its AI can respond to queries on relevant subjects and cybersecurity. The platform might, for instance, outline the measures a software developer takes to abide by privacy laws like the GDPR.

Through cloud-based survey services, businesses frequently share cybersecurity surveys with software providers. Usually, a browser is used to access those services. Vendict offers a Chrome plugin that can automatically insert AI-generated responses into browser-based surveys to save its users’ time.

Additionally, the business guarantees to increase users’ productivity in additional ways. The startup’s AI models can only respond to a cybersecurity query if provided with the appropriate data in advance. Its software automatically recognizes and flags problems when a corporation uploads insufficient data about a certain area of its cybersecurity activities.

Vendict offers a project management dashboard to assist software developers in keeping track of unanswered surveys. The dashboard displays information about each document’s due date and a list of the customer surveys awaiting a response.

Since its introduction, Vendict states that the software has saved consumers more than 45,000 working hours. According to the business, its installed base consists of numerous venture-backed startups and some publicly traded enterprise software companies, such as Monday.com Ltd. and SimilarWeb Ltd.