Twitter said it fixed a critical vulnerability in Android that could allow a hacker to take over a user’s account, which, in turn, would have proved to be critical.

In a recent tweet that Twitter published on December 20, 2019, Twitter urged Android users to “update their app as soon as possible.” They also confirmed that Apple iOS users weren’t compromised from this critical security glitch. Twitter also pointed out that this vulnerability could give a bad actor access to non-public account information or control over the account, including Tweets, location, DMs, etc.

The company said that the impacted Twitter users would be notified via email or twitter itself. Some users who seem to have been impacted received a message that read: “Please update to the latest version of Twitter for Android as soon as possible to make sure your account is secure.”

Twitter suspects that the hackers might have detected a flaw and must have inserted a malicious code into the restricted storage areas of the app. The company did not disclose any further technical details of this hack.

According to Twitter, the bug mostly impacted those who were using the older version of Android and versions 7.93.4 (KitKat- released on November 4, 2019) and version 8.18 (Lollipop- released October 21, 2019) and versions after that have already been updated with the fix.