Trend Micro Inc., a cybersecurity multinational, with global headquarters in Tokyo and Texas, excels as a leader in cloud security. The company improves agility and automation in cloud security via integrations with Amazon Web Services.  As a result, Trend Micro successfully offers an agile, scalable, and comprehensive range of security to DevOps engineers to securely build and innovate in the cloud.

Since 2012, Trend Micro has exhibited the power of its collaboration with AWS. The company has demonstrated a deep understanding of customer use cases by incorporating leading AWS security services. As per reports, Trend Micro Cloud One offerings have been most recently incorporated with AWS Control Tower and AWS Systems Manager Distributor. These additions are engineered to offer immediate benefits to security, cloud, and DevOps teams that deal with the implementation of AWS by automating the implementation of security processes.

Siva Padisetty, General Manager, AWS Systems Manager, Amazon Web Services, Inc., states, “Trend Micro is an Advanced Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN) with  a long-standing history of providing security solutions to help customers address their portion of the shared responsibility model.” He adds, “Trend Micro’s continuing investment in integrations with native AWS capabilities, such as AWS Control Tower and AWS Systems Manager Distributor, reduces onboarding and management friction while adopting an enhanced security posture.”

Based on a recent IDC report, Trend Micro is recognized as a strong leader in Software-Defined Compute (SDC) workload protection. The company garners 29.5% of the hybrid cloud workload security market share worldwide and demonstrates its hybrid cloud security expertise and capabilities. Operating as an established and leading cloud security expert, engineers at the IT multinational Trend Micro build security solutions that are engineered to cater to the need of cloud engineers.

By collaborating with AWS offerings, Trend Micro Cloud offers businesses with a platform that supports API integration to safeguard the AWS infrastructure, irrespective of whether it is built with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances, AWS Fargate, AWS Lambda, containers, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), or Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) networking.

Expert take

“We understand that security teams don’t always have complete control or visibility into how cloud instances are being spun up, configured, and used across the company,” said Sanjay Mehta, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Alliances for Trend Micro. “Listening to and understanding customer needs, and feedback drives our innovations and collaboration with AWS. Having our solutions plugin natively with AWS offerings like AWS Control Tower and AWS Systems Manager Distributor adds visibility and automates security for our customers.”