Malware developers are innovating to find new solutions that can crack open protected systems. The year 2018 saw many of such malware attacks that created havoc in the financial world. This year would be no different with cybercriminals looking for a way around cyber security and criminal laws.


1. Steganography

Steganography or stegware is type of malware that is delivered inside buried images, documents or pixels. Such malware’s are usually hidden from traditional antivirus protection due to the file format. In 2019, we will see cybercriminals using different file formats to push the Stegware into systems. 

2. Wipers

Shamoon, Destover and Olympic Destroyer are all types of wipers and they are used for a single purpose, destroying the data. Enterprises have to aware of such kind of malware that can cause financial damage for the enterprises destroying all the sensitive data.

3. Fireless Malware

Fireless malware infected the targeted computers and left no trace on the local drive. Fireless can easily trick the signature-based security tools into believing that the file isn’t any one of the malicious files. Fireless malware can exploit different vulnerabilities in a system such as Java, Flash and PDF reader’s type of programs.

4. Ransomware

Ransomware malware affected almost 60 percent of the enterprise worldwide directly or indirectly though clients. The attackers had been savvy enough to get access to different enterprise security information and also the ransom that the enterprise can pay. A well-timed attack on the enterprises or organizations and the ransom amount kept increasing with time.   

5. Malvertising

Malvertising has been gaining traction in 2018 and we should be prepared for it in 2019. One of the campaigns targeted iOS devices that hijacked the information for over 300 million browser sessions.  

Each of the above Malware can affect the enterprise in a destructive way; many malware doesn’t even cause a financial loss but sweeps through the information.