The year 2018 has witnessed and lived through three particularly powerful historical impacts that have changed the cybersecurity conception for many years to come. Here is a brief into those three issues which have led cybersecurity making into our news feed

  1. Cambridge Analytica: A political consulting firm based in the UK used user data for strategic consulting. They were accused by federal and news agency of mining personal data at an unprecedented level for over 50 million U.S. citizens. This data was then used to create a strategic model that feed the people with customized campaigns. This highly affected the election results in the U.S., the firm was also accused of manipulating the voters during the Brexit vote with campaigns.
  2. GDPR: Europeans are trying to support the lawmaker by setting up a regulation that will give individuals the right to request the data from the corporations collected from them and delete it. It also gave the bad actors an option to use the law. The bad actors can pose as an individual and request the file of personal data. If the organizations aren’t responsible for handling the data it would mean that the data might be used for identity theft.
  3. Net Neutrality Repealed: In June 2018, FCC rolled back net neutrality. Without Net neutrality regulations, individual and business have no protection against the corporations curbing data usage or mining data at an unprecedented level. Users are advised on using VPN to encrypt the data to save it from the corporations. Organizations that are using cloud service to store the data are preferring to use the private or hybrid cloud.