• ThreatModeler planned to introduce 50 new threat models every month to address industry needs, wide use cases, and regulatory requirements.
  • ThreatModeler affirms that companies will attain security in a fraction of the time.

The startup, ThreatModeler Inc., provides an automated threat modeling solution. It recently inaugurated the Threat Model Marketplace which will work as a cybersecurity asset marketplace, which will provide pre-built, field-tested threat models.

The enterprises are allowed to prioritize steps to reduce threats, understand the security requirements, and speed up their efforts to know the actuality of attack surfaces. These free features are provided by Threat Model Marketplace for a limited time to enterprises. The models have a thick coverage of different environments such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services Inc., and Microsoft Corp.’s Azure.

As per ThreatModeler, there is a skill gap or talent shortage among workers in the cybersecurity field, so enterprises are facing complex cybersecurity mandates and grappling with new threats. The toughest part is cybersecurity compliance, keeping pace with new executive orders and legislation is becoming difficult for companies. An example would be the Quantum Security Preparedness Act, which is newly introduced to the counter-threat landscape.

Chief technology officer of ThreatModeler, John Steven states “Threat modeling is so valuable for maintaining secure systems that Executive Order 14028 makes threat modeling activities a compliance demand for many organizations. With organizations eager for help to overcome the persistent challenges that modeling can entail, Threat Model Marketplace is the right platform at the perfect time and represents a significant step forward in facilitating access to this important security resource.”

Threat Model Marketplace is being launched with 50 pre-built threat modeling templates that are industry compliant and are aligned with best practices. Not only this, after launch, the company targets to launch 50 new threat models every month. It will help in addressing industry needs, regulatory requirements, and ever-expanding use cases.

The company affirms that businesses can effectively become secure with less time and cost usually required to design, create, and verify secure designs from scratch.

The company has update plans for the marketplace in the near future, like enabling third parties to upload self-designed threat models that can be download with low or no cost. The access to and development of pre-built and reviewed cybersecurity assets is open to all, as the platform is designed to “democratize”.