Threat Stack, the top provider of cloud security and compliance for infrastructure and applications, announced the addition of Threat Stack Application Security Monitoring to Ruby Gems and NPM, extending deployment flexibility for Threat Stack customers. Threat Stack Application Security Monitoring in Ruby Gems and NPM lets Threat Stack customers scale and maintain their application security environment seamlessly.

Threat Stack Application Security Monitoring continues to proliferate; it enables nearly 1 million application security microagents to deploy securely. As customers wish to grow and develop their DevSecOps programs, the deployment of Application Security Monitoring microagents has increased by 240% since 2020.

Merging of Threat Stack Application Security Monitoring with the other Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform helps customers reach in-depth security telemetry from the cloud management console, containers, host, orchestration, managed container services, and applications a single, unified platform.

To identify, analyze, and respond to both known and unknown threats in real-time, Threat Stack blends this telemetry with rules-based threat detection and machine-learned driven anomaly detection from ThreatML.

“Threat Stack understands our customers are being asked to secure rapidly scaling cloud ecosystems while battling resource constraints and competing priorities,” said Brian Ahern, CEO, Threat Stack. “That is why we continue to put an emphasis on innovation and delivering new capabilities to our customers at an extremely rapid pace to help them keep up with accelerating cloud adoption and new evolving threats.”