Telos Corporation, a leading provider of security solutions announced the availability of, a next-generation cyber risk management platform. is designed to manage cyber risk and compliance in the modern-day environment of cloud, multi-cloud, and on-premises infrastructure. The solution promises to improve decision making skills in regards to authorization, remediation, prioritization, process and status reporting, risk avoidance, resource investment, and more. is built on a microservices-based architecture and is environment independent, enabling it to ingest and process data on a massive scale. Third-party security data sources compatible with include APIs, endpoint agents that include- mobility devices, networks, and systems, security, and vulnerability scanners from cloud service providers. offers an advanced visualization dashboard to provide compliance scoreboards, decision support, analytics, regulatory reporting, and ad-hoc reporting. Even Xacta 360 users will benefit from enhanced visualization and dashboard capabilities.

John B. Wood Chairman and CEO of Telos said that “Security risk and compliance remains a hurdle for cloud adoption. This task is even more difficult for multi-cloud and hybrid environments. Automation is critical for gathering, organizing, and operationalizing the data needed to continuously manage cyber risk for regulated and non-regulated industries alike. is specifically designed to address these complex use-cases, which will ultimately help accelerate cloud adoption.”

Richard Tracy, CSO of Telos believes compliance is the core of, but the solution is not limited to the automation of authorization activities. It offers advanced capabilities, leveraging vast amounts of security and compliance data at scale to enable informed decision-making about cyber security.

Telos Corporation provides solutions for IT risk management, information security, cloud security, compliance with security, and enterprise security.