Sysnet Global Solutions, a cybersecurity and compliance solutions leading provider, has announced the acquisition of NuArx, a PCI compliance, managed cybersecurity, and digital transformation leading solutions provider, to make Sysnet technology a better platform further to increase its market value.

The acquisition came at a time when cyber-criminal activity is at its peak, impacting all types of businesses. The pandemic has created new means for attackers to increase activity and innovation, a secular trend affecting many organizations’ stability and business continuity.

With the acquisition, Sysnet aims to use NuArx’s extensive compliance and security expertise to safeguard businesses’ digital interactions with their customers. NuArx’s SecurePCI platform comes with integrated, managed security and PCI compliance solutions. The platform has powered NuArx’s growth with major brands all over North America.

“The acquisition of NuArx by Sysnet is part of Sysnet’s growth strategy and helps position Sysnet at the forefront of security and compliance. As organizations continue to strain under the ever-increasing onslaught of cyber-attacks, scalable cybersecurity platforms are needed so merchants of all sizes and locations can address emerging threats while also achieving and meeting critical compliance mandates. NuArx bolsters Sysnet’s cybersecurity and compliance solutions and plays a critical role in helping our customers meet ever-increasing threats,” said Gabe Moynagh, Chief Executive Officer of Sysnet.

The acquisition is followed by Sysnet’s recent acquisitions of the Managed Compliance Solutions (MCS) division of ControlScan and Viking Cloud. The collaboration of Sysnet, NuArx, Viking Cloud, and ControlScan- 4 cybersecurity powerhouses is moving toward creating a scalable platform. A platform built for next-generation cyber defense with security consulting services delivered by the industry’s leading experts.

“The NuArx team is very excited to join Sysnet Global Solutions. Combining our teams, expertise, and technology platforms is a big win for our customers, delivering a broader range of services and cutting-edge solutions with the same innovative culture and commitment to customer success,” said Rich Stanbaugh, Chief Executive Officer of NuArx.

Sysnet Global Solutions, founded in 1989, provides payment card industry, cybersecurity, and compliance solutions with a vision to help businesses improve security. The firm facilitates white-labeled solutions to cover the customer’s security and compliance needs.