SuperCom, a secured solutions global provider for the e-Government, IoT, and Cybersecurity sectors, has broadcasted that its cybersecurity division, Safend, a data protection and cybersecurity company, has been selected by an Israeli Government Security Agency. It has been chosen for a 5-year End Point Cyber Security Protection program at a budget of approximately USD 1.2 million.

Safend provides enterprise organizations and government agencies a broad range of competitive and well-known encryption and data protection solutions. As the program holds up to approximately 40,000 end-point machines, it integrates well with the existing government infrastructure and systems. The offer also includes the Safend Protection Suite modules Protector and Encryptor. The program launch, as per the Safend, will begin by January 2021 end.

“We are pleased to announce a meaningful win from a long-term customer of ours in the Cyber Security division, which signals to the confidence large enterprise organizations have in Safend’s industry-leading solutions. This loyal customer, which has been with Safend for over 10 years, deals with sensitive and critical data and has access to some of the best cybersecurity technologies in the world. We are honored to be selected to assist them once more in continuing to implement and expand their end-point security measures by utilizing our technology and frameworks. We are happy to be selected for this 5-year program, with an updated set of technical capabilities. This emphasizes the increasing needs for outstanding technology in this industry as well as the value of our long-term existing customer relationships,” commented Arie Trabelsi, SuperCom’s President and CEO.

By automatically detecting, authorizing, limiting files, and encrypting external media devices, Safend Protector monitors endpoint devices and data flow. Safend Protector is user-friendly and complies with major global standards.

Safend Encryptor provides company-wide data protection at-a-click, offering transparent full-disc data encryption. Safend Encryptor balances employee efficiency with machine output without interfering with daily operations, requiring negligible IT maintenance.