Solvo launched a developer-centric cloud security solution designed to solve cybersecurity challenges both developers and security teams face today. The solution integrates with existing workflows instead of changing them and addressing growing security challenges by creating and maintaining a least-privilege security policy for cloud-native applications.

Looking at the developing AWS (Amazon Web Services) collaborations, the need for maintaining security across all partners increases. The Solvo Security Genie performs a thorough complimentary check for AWS accounts, generating a consolidated health check report and sends it out to users that highlight:

  • Major misconfigurations that they have in the cloud for IAM (identity and access management) postures
  • Excessive permissions
  • Full access, admin privileges
  • Third parties with access to the user account

Solvo’s freemium product analyzes cloud assets and produces a new, granular protection framework based on least privilege. Solvo handles potential updates and new framework component deployments automatically, dynamically, and continuously. Security configuration warnings and automatic updates are available at three stages.

Expert views

“We are very pleased with the way Solvo integrates with new, emerging technologies. From a security perspective, they deliver on the promise of improving the relationships between developers and security teams, helping them work together and be more productive,” said Daniel Neto, Head of Cybersecurity at Ame Digital. “By using data collected during the development and staging phases, we can make sure that we’re allowing necessary roles and privileges in our applications.”

“As a security professional, I understand the challenges that developers and security teams have when working together. We want them both to be successful and our mission at Solvo is to create a success platform for everybody in cloud security,” said Shira Shamban, Co-founder and CEO of Solvo. “We think that the future is supporting safe R and amp;D processes in an easy and seamless way. Our adapted security configurations are based on each unique application’s needs, and within a quick and easy onboarding process, you’ll have your application and data protected, from CI to production.”