• The AI assistant enables users to establish intricate data classifications using natural language expressions.
  • The DLP Assistant accommodates queries in various languages and enables users to create, test, and validate custom data classifications easily and swiftly.

Skyhigh Security LLC, a company that protects enterprise cloud data, has unveiled an AI-powered assistant for data loss protection. This assistant is created to make complicated DLP tasks easier to manage.

In the Skyhigh Security Service Edge Portfolio, the AI assistant empowers customers to establish intricate data classifications using natural language expressions. This capability is asserted to enhance operational efficiencies and reduce errors resulting from human mistakes, like false positives or false negatives.

The DLP Assistant accommodates inquiries in various languages and enables users to create, test, and verify custom data classifications effortlessly. This solution is time-efficient, rapidly generating instant classifiers and crafting specific expressions for situations requiring custom predefined classifications.

By leveraging AI to formulate intricate expressions, the assistant simplifies tasks and fills in knowledge gaps. The incorporation of AI is claimed to eliminate the necessity for extensive knowledge of “Regular Expression” or RegEx, as well as the need for access to specialized AI applications. This makes the technology more accessible and user-friendly.

The company asserts that the assistant contributes to improved accuracy and precision in classification. The DLP Assistant achieves this by swiftly generating and confirming accurate and precise recommendations for regular expressions. Notably, these recommendations adhere exclusively to the Google RE2 format, which is a RegEx syntax developed by Google LLC. This format is designed to prevent common pitfalls and vulnerabilities associated with other RegEx libraries.

Finally, according to Skyhigh, the AI assistant enables users to create highly complex expressions using an intuitive, conversation-based interface. This approach streamlines the handling of intricate data patterns, making it more user-friendly and less intimidating for individuals who may not possess expertise in regular expressions or AI technologies.

Skyhigh’s Director of Product Marketing, Kelly Elliott, said, “Companies across all industries are integrating AI into their workflows for its creativity, efficiency and timesaving benefits. Our RegEx tool harnesses the power of AI to address the pressing customer challenge of classifying sensitive data quickly and accurately at scale.”