• This release is intended for the present, enabling firms to increase productivity, speed the return on digital investment, and build linked, streamlined experiences throughout their whole value chain, according to the company.
  • Document Intelligence, an already-existing AI product, has been upgraded by ServiceNow. Last year, the utility was initially released on the Now platform.

ServiceNow Inc. is releasing an updated version of its Now platform with significant cybersecurity and artificial intelligence improvements.

The recent release is the latest version and is known as the Utah release.

Information technology teams can process employee requests for technical support using ServiceNow’s Now platform. ServiceNow has developed capabilities that make other areas of administrators’ jobs easier over time. Along the process, the business expanded the platform’s scope beyond IT to include things like human resources.

The Now platform’s most recent update includes an AI Search function. This is a search engine specifically designed to support the staff. The functionality allows help desk agents to quickly locate the documentation for resolving problems when they receive support requests.

According to ServiceNow, AI Search can compile technical data from many systems. Additionally, it prioritizes data according to its relevance to each user’s job. The in-built AI algorithms examine how users interact with search results and alter the presentation to emphasize the most pertinent data.

ServiceNow has also enhanced Document Intelligence, an existing AI product, as part of a recent update. Last year, the tool was first released for the Now platform.

There is less need for manual data entry because Document Intelligence can automatically extract information from documents and feed it into business systems. There is less chance of human error as a result. According to ServiceNow, the most recent iteration of Document Intelligence can more precisely extract data from extensive spreadsheet tables and checkboxes.

ServiceNow Chief Operating Officer, CJ Desai, said, “Our latest release is designed for this moment – empowering organizations to maximize efficiency, accelerate ROI on digital spend and create simplified, connected experiences across their entire value chain.”

The Utah edition of ServiceNow’s Now platform also includes various cybersecurity changes in addition to the AI upgrades. They are made to assist businesses in responding to potential breaches more swiftly.

Workspaces, a type of dashboard offered by ServiceNow, is among its feature set. In the Now platform, a Workspace is a kind of homepage that provides shortcuts to the information and services that are most important to a user’s work. ServiceNow provides several already-built homepages, each focusing on a specific use case.

ServiceNow is releasing a new Operational Resilience Workspace with its most recent platform in the Utah update. It offers information about network failures, cybersecurity risks, and other technical problems. Additionally, the dashboard shows which systems are impacted by each problem.

More specific information about ongoing cybersecurity events can be provided through a Security Incident Response Workspace that is being rolled out concurrently. Administrators also have access to “playbooks” for automation. A playbook is a software workflow that automates security tasks, including checking servers for malware, to accelerate the cleanup of security breaches.

Many businesses use ServiceNow’s platform with cybersecurity technologies from outside vendors. The company is introducing a product called the Log Export Service for customers who choose to go that route. Administrators can send cybersecurity data from the platform to third-party breach analysis tools using this feature.

Further improvements to the Now platform are also included in the Utah release. It has a broader range of functions for controlling an organization’s office space. Also, ServiceNow enhanced the Process Optimization tool already included in the Now Platform to speed up routine business operations.