• Named Sentra Jagger, this LLM enhances Sentra’s core data security management and discovery platform.
  • Jagger provides an AI-powered data security assistant, reducing task completion time by up to 80%.

A startup specializing in cloud security, Sentra Inc., has introduced an LLM assistant to safeguard cloud data. This advanced large language model offers organizations instantaneous security insights and recommendations.

Named Sentra Jagger, this Large Language Model (LLM) enhances the functionalities of Sentra’s core platform for managing data security posture, discovery, and remediation. It empowers users to tackle evolving threats and vulnerabilities swiftly through immediate insights. Additionally, this new service extends usability to various governance roles, including audit, compliance, and privacy.

Sentra contends that security teams must adopt tools and strategies to safeguard data and stay ahead of evolving cyber threats. Jagger presents an artificial intelligence-driven data security assistant, aiding in the swift analysis and response to security threats. It aims to cut down task completion times by up to 80%, particularly in activities like policy implementation and data store reporting. By streamlining the investigation and resolution of security threats, Jagger enhances overall operational efficiency and reinforces security measures.

Jagger provides security teams with a user-friendly interface to access insights and recommendations for specific security actions. Customizable dashboards, tailored to user roles and preferences, enhance visibility into an organization’s data. Users can directly query Sentra’s findings, eliminating the need to navigate through extraneous information or intricate portals.

Yair Cohen, Co-founder and Vice President of Product at Sentra, said, “AI has the potential to revolutionize security, but it also poses new challenges and risks, forcing security teams to keep up with the latest threats and best practices. Our LLM helps facilitate this process by seamlessly embedding within the product interface, providing users with the roadmap needed to simplify and speed data investigations.”

In addition to providing real-time security insights and AI-guided remediation recommendations, Jagger simplifies complex security queries by offering clear and concise explanations in plain language. This empowers users of varying expertise levels to make well-informed decisions and take confident actions.

The upgraded incident response capabilities in this release offer users actionable steps for identifying and remedying issues, streamlining the incident response process. This approach minimizes downtime, mitigates damage, and facilitates a swift restoration of normal operations. Jagger integrates seamlessly with current tools, guaranteeing a unified security management experience and providing a comprehensive overview of the organization’s data security posture.

Sentra Jagger is set to be broadly accessible in the latter part of 2024.