SafeGuard Cyber is a major SaaS-based platform that protects the digital world by dealing with the end-to-end lifecycle of Digital Risk Protect. The company recently broke the news of obtaining USD 45 million of equity and debt in a financing round led by NightDragon.

The investment event also witnessed participation from Cisco Investments and Allegis Cyber.

SafeGuard Cyber’s AI-powered platform enables enterprises to embrace crucial collaboration, mobile chat digital channels, social media, and alleviate cybersecurity risk and ensure compliance at the same time.

As the digital genre has become extremely essential with the remote work model, the new funding will support SafeGuard Cyber to expand its business and technology potential to cater to global demand for this fast-growing market.

SafeGuard Cyber allows people to interact and communicate most securely on any cloud app, including mobile chats, social media apps, CRM, collaboration platforms, and service clouds.

The platform adds power to security and compliance teams by offering unmatched visibility into these businesses-critical cloud communication applications and the capacity to use these policies to secure their use. This is the primary element that drives SafeGuard’s mission of securing human connections irrespective of the digital channel used.

On the business front, SafeGuard Cyber sensed enormous growth in 2020. More and more businesses turned to digital channels like social media and mobile chat to run their businesses effectively even amidst the pandemic. Additionally, integrations and partnerships with proven platforms such as LinkedIn, Slack, and more allow even the most regulated businesses the ability to archive messages, chat, voice, and video.

SafeGuard Cyber comes with a rich clientele, and a few of the biggest names in its client list come from sectors like financial services, education, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, sports, technology, and entertainment. These businesses deploy SafeGuard Cyber to communicate directly with customers over platforms such as Zoom, WeChat, WhatsApp in a secure and compliant manner.

The experts’ take

As per Dave DeWalt, Founder, and Managing Director, NightDragon, “SafeGuard Cyber offers a one-of-a-kind solution for any business or individual using cloud-based applications today.”

He added, “These capabilities are more critical than ever in today’s ‘work from anywhere’ world, where activities have migrated to social, mobile chat, and modern collaboration channels. We look forward to working with the SafeGuard team to enable today’s modern workforce and bring about a new era of worry-free commerce and human connections.”

SafeGuard Cyber CEO and Co-Founder Jim Zuffoletti said, “The needs of the enterprise workplace are changing rapidly, and our solutions represent the future of cybersecurity with risk protection evolving to business-critical digital channels.”

He added, “Information security, compliance and risk professionals, marketing teams, and sales enablement all benefit from leveraging social media, collaboration, and mobile chat communication tools, yet these platforms remain largely vulnerable to security and compliance risks at many organizations. Our new backing from the investors at NightDragon, Allegis Cyber, and Cisco Investments gives SafeGuard Cyber the ability to rapidly scale and meet this massive marketplace need by providing businesses a way to grow securely across the digital landscape.”

“Security is built-in as a foundational element to everything we do at Cisco,” said Morgan Mann, Vice President of Strategy and amp; Operations, Cisco Security Business Group. “Our investment in SafeGuard Cyber is consistent with our innovation strategy, and we believe it is well-positioned to be a leader in digital risk protection for securing today’s growing business collaboration requirements.”