• The new data security platform enables customers to defend their data, recover quickly, and prevail in this new cyber landscape.
  • Rubrik’s Security Cloud is built on integrations with Rubrik Cloud Vault and Microsoft Azure, which will help customers accelerate their Zero Trust journey.

Rubrik, the Zero Trust Data Security company, announced the launch of a new solution, Rubrik Security Cloud, to secure customers’ data – wherever it lives, across the enterprise, cloud, and SaaS.

There has been a surge in ransomware attacks, and cyberattacks are getting more sophisticated with every passing day. Even after investments in infrastructure security tools, cybercriminals are still finding ways to get through the data. And when there’s a data breach, the entire company comes down.

It is, hence, time to opt for a new approach. The next step in cybersecurity combines investments in infrastructure security with data security, giving companies security from the point of data.

Rubrik stands out to be a pioneer in data security. Its Rubrik Security Cloud delivers three unique capabilities –

  • Data Resilience:It effectively secures data by providing immutable, logically air-gapped data protection with multi-factor authentication-based access control.
  • Data Observability:Performs non-stop risk monitoring and investigation of data threats, including ransomware monitoring and investigation powered by machine learning to detect data anomalies, encryptions, deletions, and modifications; sensitive data monitoring to identify and classify the most sensitive data and assess exfiltration risk; and threat monitoring and hunting to identify indicators of compromise and locate the last known clean copy of data.
  • Data Recovery: Contains threats quickly and recovers all data, whether a file, application data, or a mass recovery for the entire organization. Rubrik’s New Threat Containment capability quarantines malware and restricts user access to infected data to support safer recovery.

The company has also launched the Data Security Command Center so that organizations struggling with cyberattacks that compromise data – can quickly determine whether their data is safe and capable of being recovered from a cyberattack. This will make it easier for customers to see which data is at risk and get recommendations to make their data more secure.

“Every company in the world is vulnerable as cybercriminals get more savvy every day,” said Bipul Sinha, Rubrik’s CEO and Co-founder. “With Rubrik Security Cloud, we are strengthening customers’ defences so they can secure their business across the enterprise, cloud, and SaaS workloads. Our data security platform enables our customers to defend their data, recover quickly, and prevail in this new cyber landscape.”

“INTEGRIS Health is proud to be the largest not-for-profit health care system in Oklahoma, with eighteen hospitals in our network and more than a million patients that rely on us every year for their health care needs. With the expansive network we support, it’s paramount that our data is resilient and we maintain a strong data security posture to keep our hospital moving. As a CIO, I believe Rubrik is an important service and helps us provide excellent patient care. As a Rubrik customer, we’re thrilled to see the continued innovation with Rubrik Security Cloud and the company’s ongoing focus on keeping customer data safe and making it easy to recover in the face of cyber-attacks, like ransomware,” said William Hudson, CIO of INTEGRIS Health.

“NJ TRANSIT delivered more than a quarter of a billion annual passenger trips before the pandemic and is responsible for our riders’ safety, mobility, and livelihoods every day. It’s imperative that nothing interrupts our business, so we’ve prioritized a strong data security strategy in partnership with Rubrik. We’re committed to the ongoing and necessary work that gives our data resilience and helps us reduce our risk as we face ever-evolving and inevitable cyber threats,” said Rafi Khan, CISO of NJ TRANSIT.

Sensitive Data Discovery for Microsoft 365, a component of Data Observability, detects and categorizes sensitive data within Microsoft 365 to better assess risk and manage regulatory compliance.

These new integrations have been built on the collaboration between Rubrik and Microsoft. Rubrik Cloud Vault, built on Microsoft Azure, was launched last year to help businesses defend against cyberattacks better by providing a fully managed, secure, and segregated cloud vault service. Ever since it was established, Rubrik Cloud Vault has witnessed high demand across major industries such as healthcare and life sciences, manufacturing, State and Local Government, and financial services since its introduction, as clients build Zero Trust solutions to guard against and recover from ransomware.

“Businesses need a data resiliency strategy to keep their data secure in the face of escalating cyber threats,” said Jurgen Willis, Vice President of Microsoft Azure. “Rubrik’s Security Cloud, which builds on integrations with Rubrik Cloud Vault and Microsoft Azure, will help customers accelerate their Zero Trust journey.”