RevCult, a salesforce security and governance provider to worldwide leading companies, announced it had launched Cloud Security Cockpit on Salesforce AppExchange. It facilitates customers to proactively manage, implement, and prove their Salesforce security controls set up to meet InfoSec and Audit policies. Cloud Security Cockpit works as an extension of the other Security Cockpits RevCult delivers, which help customers understand and prove that their shared security responsibilities are managed effectively.

“Cloud Security Cockpit is a natural extension to our existing suite and has evolved by design in collaboPreview (opens in a new tab)ration with Salesforce deployments, especially in regulated industries such as Healthcare/Life Sciences and Financial Services,” said Brian Olearczyk, Chief Revenue Officer, Optimizing and Securing Salesforce at RevCult. “Cloud Security Cockpit helps customers effectively manage their implementations in alignment with their shared security responsibilities. We’re excited to continue to support the ecosystem to mitigate data security risks.”

Cloud Security Cockpit provides teams with the capacity to use native DevSecOps configuration software to incorporate and manage the platform. Cloud Security Cockpit offers visibility to show the impact of security controls on InfoSec and Audit teams. This allows continued innovation and expansion on the forum, power business development, and the trust that valuable data is protected according to each organization’s specific and regulatory requirements.

“RevCult’s Cloud Security Cockpit is a welcome addition to AppExchange, as they power digital transformation for customers by providing a solution to manage security posture and configuration drift,” said Woodson Martin, EVP and GM, AppExchange at Salesforce. “AppExchange is constantly evolving to enable our partners to build cutting-edge solutions to drive customer success.”