Red Hat, a leading provider of open source software solutions, recently made the OpenStack Platform 15 available. This is Red Hat’s latest version of the scalable cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution.

According to the company, the OpenStack Platform 15 boosts performance, enhances cloud security, and expands the platform’s ecosystem of supported hardware. These enhanced features are expected to help IT organizations to securely support challenging production workloads. Customers are also set to benefit from more secure, intelligent, and flexible Linux operating systems as Linux is the foundation of the hybrid cloud.

Joe Fernandes, Vice President (Products), Cloud Platforms Red Hat said that, “Red Hat OpenStack Platform 15 delivers massively-scalable private cloud infrastructure that is hybrid cloud-ready today and built on top of the world’s leading enterprise Linux platform, (it is) pairing innovation with an intelligent operating system to help enterprises get the most out of a hybrid cloud future.”

The Red Hat OpenStack Platform 15 Offers:

1. An expanded customer choice with the inclusion of architectures to support the IBM POWER9 LE PowerVM hardware.

2. An enhanced network performance using the improved TCP stack for modern network applications assisting to improve application uptime and workload security.

3. Improved security without compromising performance using an upgraded crypto offload for IPSec VPN to NICs.

4. Hardware Security Module (HSM) backend support for better key generation and management.

5. A powerful platform that supports emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) with support for NVIDIA GPU/ vGPUs for near-real-time decision making.

OpenStack Platform 15 is built using the reference of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, which is the newest version of the world’s leading enterprise Linux platform.

The future versions of the platform will support long-life releases; Red Hat OpenStack Platform 15 is the final short life release with support for one year. Red Hat OpenStack Platform 15 will be available in the coming days via the Red Hat customer portal for Red Hat OpenStack platform customers with active subscriptions.