• Outdated policies and configurations make it easy for attackers to take advantage of security flaws that new tools were meant to close.
  • The platform doesn’t require any additional sensors, infrastructure, or attack simulations, and the business claims that it only takes a few seconds to set up and minutes to provide insights and actions.

Cybersecurity startup, Reach Security Inc., raised additional USD 20 million to develop further AI security capabilities.

Garrett Hamilton and Colt Blackmore, two cybersecurity veterans with experience developing detection and prevention technologies at firms like Palo Alto Networks Inc., Proofpoint Inc., and Cylance Inc., co-founded the company in 2021. Their mission is to revolutionize the way businesses use security solutions by emphasizing the optimization of existing assets rather than introducing new and complicated tools.

According to the organization, leaders in the cybersecurity space are fed up with purchasing technologies without understanding if they would be useful or how to use them more efficiently. This has caused a shift in mindset, it claims. Defenders are frequently overextended and unable to fully learn the increasing number of talents at the same time.

Outdated policies and configurations make it easy for attackers to take advantage of security flaws that new tools were meant to close. Reach claims that this shift in viewpoint has given them a lot of momentum with a product that builds on their prior cybersecurity initiatives.

Reach provides an artificial intelligence platform designed to reconfigure an organization’s security setup according to the attackers’ identity and method of attack. It claims that the platform functions throughout the full security estate, probing each tool and gathering information on who is being targeted and how those attacks operate, in contrast to solutions that are restricted to cloud security.

The company claims that the platform can be configured in seconds and provides actionable insights within minutes, without the need for additional sensors, infrastructure, or attack simulations. Security leaders obtain a prioritization of improvement opportunities, a 360-degree view of how their products are safeguarding them, and automation that enables their defenders to take action.

It is also asserted that Reach Security’s AI is error-free and does not experience hallucinations, as it was developed with a focus on accountability and dependability.

The Series A round was led by Ballistic Ventures Alpha LLC and included participation from Artisanal Ventures LLC, Webb Investment Network Management LLC, Ridge Ventures LLC, Mark McLaughlin, the former CEO of Palo Alto Networks, and Denise Persson, Chief Marketing Officer of Snowflake Inc.

“Companies want the network effect, optimization and operational efficiency of security platforms but refuse to accept anything less than best-of-breed in capabilities,” McLaughlin stated. “Garrett and the team at Reach understand this and offer customers a path toward platforms while still getting best-of-breed by meeting them where they are and focusing on making them operationally effective on the journey.”