• At AWS re:Invent 2022 in Las Vegas, Rapid7 Inc., the cybersecurity technology provider unveiled new features that ease cloud detection, response and vulnerability assessment.
  • Rapid7 is also offering support for the most recent AWS security services – as they become available.

At AWS re: Invent 2022 in Las Vegas, Rapid7 Inc., the provider of cybersecurity technologies, unveiled its new features that ease cloud detection, response and vulnerability assessment.

The new capabilities aspire to help enterprises across all industries shifting to the cloud to support innovation, scalability and digital transformation. Rapid7 asserts that with purpose-built risk assessment and threat detection in the cloud, it is easier for firms to properly defend their operations across a modern attack surface.

New features on the Rapid7 Insight Platform make it easy to give an additional layer to control risks and eliminate threats on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Agentless vulnerability assessment provides security teams with continuous insight into the vulnerabilities in their cloud environment without requiring individual machine installation.

The detection and reaction capabilities of the cloud have been upgraded to detect suspicious occurrences in real-time and combine third-party threat intelligence. The upgraded service warns security professionals of active dangers in their area with more precision and efficiency.

Lee Weiner, Senior Vice President of Cloud Security and Chief Innovation Officer at Rapid7, said, “Combined, these new capabilities and integrations solve our customers’ biggest cloud security pain points. These innovations deliver a unique value proposition that combines our agentless approach, real-time visibility and rich unified context so customers can more effectively operationalize their cloud security programs.”

Rapid7 also offers support for the most recent AWS security services as they become available.

Rapid7’s Insight Platform integrates with AWS Verified Access, a new virtual private network-less authentication solution unveiled by Amazon that facilitates the implementation of a secure and scalable work-from-anywhere approach.

The integration enables AWS users to provide workers with safe access to AWS-hosted private applications while implementing zero-trust standards. Rapid7 can also ingest AWS Verified Access logs, providing users with complete visibility into who is accessing private applications so that any suspicious activity can be probed.

Rapid7 now supports Amazon Security Lake, a new service that automatically centralizes a company’s security data from the cloud and on-premises sources into a data lake to simplify security data management. Customers can consolidate their AWS and third-party security logs in the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework using Amazon Security Lake. Customers of Rapid7 can send multiple types of logs to the Insight Platform through a single integration, which simplifies initial onboarding and ongoing maintenance.

Rod Wallace, the General Manager for Amazon Security Lake, stated, “Amazon Security Lake helps organizations aggregate, manage and derive value from log and event data to give security teams greater visibility across their organizations. Rapid7’s integration with Amazon Security Lake will allow customers to run advanced analytics on AWS and third-party logs with Rapid7 InsightIDR. This will help customers address various security use cases such as threat detection, investigation and incident response.”

The releases reflect Rapid7’s mission to help security teams remain vigilant. Security groups “need to continuously monitor an increasingly complex threat landscape in real-time while scaling their cloud footprint according to their business requirements.”

Lee Weiner said, “By uniting cloud risk and threat detection, Rapid7 is delivering enhanced scale and time-to-value, helping customers secure their businesses with speed and precision.”