As if the scourge of ransomware wasn’t evil enough, several purveyors of ransomware have now signaled to start publishing data from victims who didn’t pay up or refuse to do so. To make matters worse, a gang has built a public website identifying recent victims that have decided to rebuild their operations instead of silently bowing down to the hackers.

The cybercriminals behind the maze cyber strain created a website on the public domain, which lists the company names that refused to succumb to their malware demand.

KrebsOnSecurity verified that one of those companies listed on the website was a victim of the Maze malware infestation but have not gone public with the security breach. The information disclosed for each maze victim includes the initial date of infiltration, several stolen Microsoft Office text and PDF files, total volumes of data allegedly extracted from them in Gigabytes, including the Server addresses of the machines from which the infiltration has been done.

As shocking as this new development is, it is not like the hackers didn’t warn enterprises. Ransomware attacks nowadays are data breaches. During the attack, the threat actors did warn the enterprises that they are aware of the internal company data. Yet, instead of considering the data breach, many enterprises swept it under the carpet.

This news might come as ghastly for organizations that are already facing steep fines and penalties for failing to report breaches and not being able to safeguard their customer data.