Quick Heal Technologies, an IT security service provider, recently has shown interest in Ray Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based company, Ray Pte Ltd, by making a strategic investment of INR 2 Crore.

Ray Pte Ltd is a start-up focused on next-gen networking and wireless technology.

The idea behind

This planned investment will support Ray Pte Ltd to utilize Quick Heal’s expertise for building integrated solutions, which are engineered to protect enterprise and consumer level IoT devices against future cyberattacks.

In less than a year, Ray Pte has built on its flagship product pronounced “Rayos” in an open, cloud-native, secure, and extensible OS with a network of apps that help utilize the basic hardware with an aim to build on unlimited use cases.

Investments history

Prior to Ray Pte Ltd, Quick Heal actively invested a large amount of USD 3,00,000 in an Israeli company called L7 Defense. This investment displays the company’s efforts to invest in disruptive and promising technologies that show the potential of driving the future of cybersecurity.