• QoreStor reduces storage requirements and costs for both on-premises and cloud storage while speeding up backup and recovery performance.
  • According to the needs of an organization, the new feature enables data to be distributed or easily moved to a different cloud storage provider.

Quest Software Inc. unveiled a new version of its software-defined secondary storage product that offers protection from data loss and cyberattacks.

The issue of IT organizations having to spend more on backup storage, run backups less frequently, or leave specific data unprotected due to the exponential growth of data has been addressed with QoreStor v7.2. There are also a growing number of cyberattacks that target backups in an effort to stop businesses from recovering data after an attack.

The most recent version of QoreStor now supports standard Amazon Web Services Inc. S3-based data workflows and includes upgraded Object Container storage technology that permits object locking and versioning control. In addition, Veeam v12 direct-to-object backups, which offer compression, data deduplication, encryption, and object locking for protection and recovery from ransomware, are now supported by QoreStor v7.2.

It is created to integrate with the majority of backup options. Concerning both on-premises and cloud storage, QoreStor improves backup and recovery performance while lowering storage needs and expenses. In order to back up data, recover from disasters, and store it for a long time, the service uses public clouds.

The Cloud Tier of QoreStor now supports multiple cloud providers in a single instance thanks to the addition of multicloud capabilities in v7.2. As per the needs of an organization, the new feature enables data to be easily moved to a different cloud storage provider or dispersed according to the company.

Quest asserts that managed service providers could use the new release for increasing profitability by reducing data protection storage requirements and associated costs in testing before the launch of v7.2.

Quest’s President and General Manager of information and systems management, Heath Thompson, said before the release, “QoreStor is a game changer for organizations struggling with the challenges of exponential data growth and the increasing risk of cyberattacks. QoreStor provides a comprehensive solution that protects against data loss and cyber threats while also reducing storage costs, improving backup and recovery performance and ensuring business resilience.”

Since 2021, private equity firm Clearlake has owned Quest, a former division of Dell Technologies Inc. Apparently, the acquisition cost USD 5.4 billion.